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MPower Energy Tabs deliver a kick in the keister from Mother Nature herself! One little tab packed with a riot of B-12, B-6, and other natural wonders can power up your body and make your synapses fire like they’ve never fired before. And because there are no jitters, no sugars, and no crash, feel free to MPower away! You on MPower is you on nature’s best. Play the game of life to win… MPower yourself!

Wanna Power Up?

Choose Your Flavor…

Green Apple Grenade

The BIG APPLE! Taste so crisp and tangy Granny Smith will be green with envy. Dissolving in your mouth like Golden Delicious Super Fuel this packs more vitamin B-12 than those monstrous energy drinks of old. Take a bite of this apple treat and you’re fired up and ready to go: No jitters, No sugar and No crash! If Johnny Appleseed had Apple flavored Mpower he’d still be going! But he didn’t, so he’s not! Just when you thought an apple on a stick was a great idea along comes Apple Flavored Mpower. Back to the drawing board my little saplings because Apple Flavored Mpower is exploding with taste and energy.

Peppermint Blast

This ain’t your grannies’ Christmas peppermint! This is a rip snorting peppermint laced with all natural ingredients that that will leave your granny in the dust. Like peppermint sticks of TNT these babies explode with vitamin B-12,B-6 and other natural ingredients making you capable of doing it all in one night …just like Santa Claus. Whether you’re slipping down someone’s chimney, working late or studying for the big final, peppermint Mpower makes you a jolly old elf of power and energy.

Tangerine TNT

A citrus-sun storm exploding in your mouth with 174 quadrillion watts of power! A sunny delight, radiating forth with B-12, B-6 and other natural ingredients giving you the power of the sun, mental clarity and physical endurance. Hold the sun screen and grab your thong, it’s a tangy, tart flame of galactic energy transforming you into a master of the universe. A “person of interest” capable of living a life of energy and accomplishment. You are the Sun King! Mpowered!

Grape Xplosion

The fruit of the gods! Say it in a low voice and it really sounds cool. What is even cooler is placing one of these nitro-infused grape bombs in you mouth for an explosion of flavor and energy. This grapey goodness is vintage with hints of chocolate, lavender and a spring day. Yeah, right! More like the god Thor on grape jet juice! There is nothing to compare to the immediate rush of mental clarity and physical endurance. All natural ingredients featuring B12 coursing through your body like lighting bolts from Zeus himself. You’re on fire with energy! Olympus has a new resident! All hail the grapey goodness!

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